Revolving text animation

Hello, is it possible to make animation for entry, exit and overall motion eg. like entry of text, then revolve the text or flash for some time and then exit with another animation? please help

Yes i was able to add three animation using same clip 3 times in a track and separately add 3 types of motion for each. But not suceed to add rotation like globe for overall animation. Shotcut has lots of video filter for editing videos. I wish it had some featurea like adding titles effect like we find in filmora to save time. Because if we create all the animation from scratch then it takes more time and cant focus on editing. I wish it has the more feature for visual effects to create yt videos.

To do what you want, HTML/CSS/Javascript has some really useful animation techniques that could in the past be accessed via Shotcut’s Text:HTML filter with WebVfx, unfortunately this will no longer be available in new Shotcut releases. Doing some similar animations with other Shotcut filters is doable, up to a point, using keyframes, but not everything can be done this way.

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