Reverse video clip but maintaining transparency background

Hi there,
Need advise …
Is there a way in SC to reverse a video play but maintaining the output video background transparent?

I have tried with .mp4, .avi and .mov video with the Properties>Reverse.
But the output video clip has the background turn black and not transparent …
My video clip is transparent … I exported it using Alpha > QT and UT format that I could achieve background transparency. But each of them when applying “reverse” … it just BG=black.

Not at this time.

Thanks for confirming this Leader. I will explore other ways to resolve this.

You could do this.

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I did toy with the idea of chroma key set to black.
But it created problems for the “dogs picture” with transparency on it too … thus if you put a V1 video behind it, it looks strange :slight_smile: Thanks for suggesting this …

The source video looks like it was exported from a 3D animation program. The video formats you specify above do not support transparency when exporting.
But if the source video comes from a 3D program (e.g. Blender), I recommend to render the scene backwards in it or as a single frame sequence with alpha channel (PNG).

Hi @DvS,

Yes … I used Blender. And yes I decided to resolve the reversing using Blender instead with transparency output to PNG just as you suggesting. Appreciate you were helping to look into this.
Only problem with Blender is the “rendering time” can be very long … but guess I understand the approach now what’s doable in SC and what’s not. So it is good to know the options.

I just knew it! :smiley:
I work with Blender too.

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