Reverse & transition bug

First , I added the transition field, and then I put it backwards, and the inversion in the transition field doesn’t work

I don’t think this is a bug. Reverse works on single clips not transitions.
You can reverse the first clip in your screenshot and the second clip but not the transition.

If you want to reverse the entire segment, including the transition, on V1 you need to export it first then open the clip in the source viewer then reverse the clip.

If you click on the transition (which in your screenshot you have a clip selected), there is no option to reverse a transition.

You can reverse a clip, and it would have done this in your Job’s Panel.
And after it was finished it will open up in your Source viewer playing.


Transition selected, and the Properties Panel. No option for reversing.

Works great for me. Not a bug, at least with my computer.
Shotcut 18.12.23, Windows 10 Home (1809) 64 Bit

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