Reverse/Rewind Video

I like to use video edit with reverse or rewind or backward like boomerang in instagram, If possible this feature can be added in the next update

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It’s #3 in the road map but I doubt adding a feature by request to the next update is likely. But in the meantime, this is free…

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OK Thanks, its so helpfull

If you use several Open Source video editors like me, you can also reverse clips in kdenlive, though the feature is nearly hidden in the latest versions:

  • Right-click the clip in the project clips list
  • Clip jobs > Duplicate clip with speed changes
  • In the drop-down menu of the dialog, select "Reverse clip"
    You don’t even need to render the clip: kdenlive creates an .mlt file which can be dropped to ShotCut clips list.
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Is it really that difficult to pipeline the clip off to ffmpeg have it reversed using the clips original settings and pipe it back into the editor?

Reverse is available in Properties for many versions now.