Reverse part of a clip

I want to reverse a 5 seconds parts of a 40 min video. How do I do that without converting the whole 40 minutes?

Trim it and then reverse

I tried but it convert the whole thing

Then you must be using a rather old version.

There a a few ways to do this.

From the Source viewer:

  1. Drag your 40 minute clip in the Source viewer.

  2. Use the playhead to set the starting and ending points of your 5 second clip.

  3. Go to the Properties panel and click on the Reverse… button.

  4. Choose a quality setting for the conversion step (Good is good enough) and click OK 9uKaBfgiAn

  5. Choose a destination folder and click SAVE to start the conversion and the reversing jobs.

From the Timeline

When the jobs are done, your trimmed clip will be replaced by the reversed clip.

If you don’t want the trimmed clip to be replaced:
After you trim it, copy the clip and paste the copy on an empty space of the timeline (a new track for example). Then select the copy and reverse it in the Properties panel.

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Thanks it worked!

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