Revealing Titles

I have created a web-based utility to create “Revealing Titles” like those shown in the video below. It can be tailored by adjusting the various options provided. It creates HTML code that you can run in a browser window and capture using e.g. OBS Studio or Sharex, or, as I did for the video, you can use it as input for the Text:HTML filter of Shotcut 20.07.11 (or prior).

See here for a description and access to the utility:


Encore une belle animation de texte.
Merci @Elusien
Est-il possible de télécharger aussi le script externe et le mettre dans le dossier afin de pouvoir utiliser cette animation dans SC webvfx sans connexion.

Another nice text animation.
Thanks @Elusien
Is it possible to download also the external script and put it in the folder in order to use this animation in SC webvfx without connection.

Shotcut WebVfx is quite happy to load libraries over the internet, But in answer to your question: “Yes”. You can download the GSAP library here:

You need to change the line in the HTML that says:

<script   src=""></script>


<script src="/[YOUR_DIRECTORY]/gsap.min.js"></script>

I am reluctant to host this library on my website for others to download, as I don’t want to get into any licensing issues if people inadvertently use the code for commercial reasons.