"Return to starting point" option for playhead

In most DAWs, there is a very useful feature that works like this:

  1. Set the starting point (playhead) to some point in the timeline
  2. Press space to start the playback
  3. WIth the “Return to starting point” option, pressing space again would reset the playhead back to the point it was in Step 1

Currently Shortcut stops the playhead at the position you press Space in. So if you start with the playhead at 00:00:10:00 and press space at 00:00:25:00, then the playhead will stay in 00:00:25:00. Pressing Space again would continue from 00:00:25:00.

With the DAW approach, you could start at 00:00:10:00, press space to play until 00:00:25:00, and then pressing space again would reset the playhead back to 00:00:10:00. Press space one more time would play again from 00:00:10:00.

Would be nice to have this option in Shortcut, especially for editing music videos :slight_smile:

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From someone that uses the space bar the way Shotcut uses the space bar, I would be really lost if that changed to your suggestion.

Maybe a modifier to your suggestion: Have the option to choose how the space bar works.

Agree with this suggestion. Like a toggle option (with a hotkey) whether to return the playhead after stopping the playback to it’s last position.