Return focus to timeline upon Enter after clip rename

What is your operating system?
Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
64-bit 20.01.30

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

  1. Select the clip name in the tab Properties.
  2. Rename it.
  3. Press Enter.
    The cursor doesn’t go anywhere; it stays in the field. That’s very confusing. I often immediately started using the navigation keys, only to find them appended to the clip’s name. Not so much of a bug as much of a nuisance.

The Focus is still on the clip name after you press “Enter”

I always use “Shift - Esc” when i have changed some value (No need to press Enter), to return the focus to the timeline

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@TimLau - thank you for that tip - I learnt something new today :smiley:

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This is by design and not a bug. Enter does not navigate focus; tab does. As already pointed out a couple of times Shift+Esc gives focus to the player and not any specific control to allow global shortcuts to work. Something more specific that does something with a particular keyboard input does not go to a global shortcut.

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You sound upset, Mein Leader. Take it for what it is: user feedback. You can choose to assign functions to keys as new users would expect them, or you can express your irritation in the forum when they point out something on the interface is not intuitive. You’re welcome.

You have said that for no reason. Take my reply for what it is. Your usage of the German here also is suggestive of something that is about to get you banned.

This is what is shortcircuiting our communication (and stifling participation in your forum):

As already pointed out a couple of times…

You don’t actually need to push back on suggestions. I’m not on your team; I’m your client. And expect to be treated as such. This forum is to me a suggestion box. No one comes out of a restaurant chasing a client to tell them their suggestion is dumb. Go ahead: ban me from your suggestion box again. Your loss.

What’s the rage here man. No. It isn’t, this is rather a discussion box, where everyone can express freely their thoughts, including the leader.

And I also didn’t understand, how his post looks like a frustration, it looks to me as a explanation from a professional instructor.

Really?, Millions of users use shotcut, several leave, several join. That doesn’t affect him, someone replaces the other always. Like my kid can replace me as the family cook.

How many take the time to provide feedback?

Around 10 Thousands.

And that much is enough for keeping shotcut nice.

Some people have pointed out this is shotcut’s main weakness against its competitors:

:frowning_face: The interface is not as easy-to-use as for some other tools on this list
(39 Best Free Video Editing Software Platforms (2024 Guide))

Which one? Mine? I didn’t withdraw it. o.0


First let me laugh, I have deleted my post, not you.

Ah :sweat_smile:

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Hi -I’m a novice and new to SC using SC v 23.11.29. I’ve used a couple other open source editors but so impressed with this one…

But I’m still learning as I go and trying to get any tips and tricks out of these threads that I can – I saw your post so thought I’d reply,

Another way to release from a timeline snip is to simply “click” on Output to the left top of the timeline itself. Although it’s not an element and doesn’t technically “release” the timeline’s focus, it releases the focus from the snips in the timeline – it’s just one click and simple to do…

Hope this helps others

:slight_smile: :grinning: