Retreiving an unpublished project

Having almost completed building a video from individual images the program crashed.

I had been hitting the save button on the top bar frequently in the belief/hope that if the program did crash (as it does many times - I have always started from scratch on those previous occasions - very frustrating) I would be able to recover it.
But when I logged back into shotcut there was nothing in previous projects or history.

If the work that I have done so far has been saved where/how do I locate it?

Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming.


How would anyone know where you saved your work to?

Settings - App Data Directory - Show
This image is for Windows 10
Check in the “autosave” folder.
Also look in the shotcut-log.txt file to see if shows a location for your saved mlt file.

Shotcut 19.08.16 is the latest version. Get the latest version here.

Following the MLT lead I eventually located my file and did not have to “start over”. Thanks.

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