Retouche and green screen application

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I would like to retouch away disturbing elements in Shotcut, e.B. smearing on a wall next to a portrait. Simple masking and blur would not be enough here, because the image is moved and the error correction / retouching would have to go along dynamically. Can you help me how I could implement this?

I am also looking for tips for the green screen application in Shotcut - how can I put a portrait e.B. in a mountain landscape?

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1a) The wall: IIC it is an image, so how about an edit in a graphics program (e.g. KRITA)?

1b) You can maybe try to overlay in a separate track (above) a part of the wall, which is not smeared… (the MASK filter can do an additional job)

  1. The portrait: The easiest way is (if the portrait is an image) to make a PNG file with transparent background with “face only”. In addition (or mainly (if it is a video part)) the MASK filter can be used also.

Overall: It needs a “little” playing around with the filters to get the best possible result.


On your first question, I would say that you should use Photoshop or gimp to remove the disturbing element in 4 or 5 frames of your video and then just use a new track in shotcut and then animate the position and rotation and position. Then you work would become much faster and easy.

And the answer of the second question is to just use an external program like blender or natron to first rotoscope your subject and the you could again create a new track in shotcut and place the roto subject on the topmost track and the normal video on the bottom track and then blur the original video. Then you should get a portrait. And I think that blender has tracking for masks.

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