Restoring a cut?

Sorry if this is simple but I’m a Shotcut newbie.
I do the following with a simple project after moving a clip into the timeline:

  1. make a couple cuts and remove a segment (a sentence for example)
  2. save the project
  3. sometime later I again open the project (so ctrl-Z is not going to help)
    How do I restore just this the segment (make the original continuous across only one removed segment)?

The clip is there, just pull it and it will appear.
You may not remember the length of the clip you need to retrieve but this is better than nothing.

Thanks @ejmillan - I tried this by selecting everything to the right of the cut, sliding the group right, and then dragging the rightmost boundary of the left portion of the cut. It does indeed reveal the portion that was removed, but I now get a duplication of some portion of the clip, and there is still a cut.

So I can recover the removed material, but I must adjust the cuts to avoid duplication.
No easy way to simply remove the cuts and restore the original in Shotcut?

Thanks again!

Right now I can’t think of anything that doesn’t involve a previous operation (like a track with a transparent clip on which all the cuts are also made, as markers (currently Shotcut doesn’t have markers although that’s in the roadmap).
I also have the precuation of recording each project twice, one the one I’m going to use for editing and the other copy as a backup. In case I make a mistake saving the project by mistake, I can load the backup copy and start again from the last save.

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