Restore "Split At Playhead" In Context Menu


This just occurred when I looked back at v22.06.23.

The context menu when you have a clip selected in the timeline used to have Split At Playhead:

but now it doesn’t:

I myself use the S key to split but it occurred to me that there might be people that had a workflow using Split At Playhead from that context menu. Seeing as how that’s really the only thing missing from the new context menu, I suggest restoring it. And it could be placed after Copy and before Ripple Delete seeing as how Split At Playhead is one of the most common actions.

I am open minded about this. Here is my reasoning for the current behavior.

The context menu applies to the clip (or clips) you have selected. There is no guarantee that the playhead is over any of the clips that are selected. So the context menu would be offering to operate on something that is out of context.

The Split At Playhead option is in the main Timeline menu (Hamburger Menu). I think that does make sense since those are operations that do not depend on which clip is selected.

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And also when you right-click anywhere on the top of the timeline

I see your reasoning. The only reason I bring this up is because it existed for so long in the context menu. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a couple of videos of people using Shotcut where they were using that context menu to split clips. The placement of where Split At Playhead was before made it quick to select. If some used it that way then they would have to go to a sub-menu now.

Could Split At Playhead exist in both menus? Replace is already in both the context menu and the hamburger menu.

True. But I think maybe TOO quick. In order to get that specific menu, the user has to right click on a clip. This action operates on the playhead. When you click on a clip, the playhead does not follow. the playhead might even be scrolled off the screen somewhere. This seems like a recipe for unexpected results.

To keep the “quick” action, click on the ruler to put the playhead where you want it. Then, immediately right click on the ruler to get the context menu. But yeah, it is an extra mouse movement to get to the Edit menu. It is probably fastest to just click the split button on the toolbar.

Yes it CAN. I’m just not sure if it SHOULD.

Changing things which worked is always problematic. I have used the context menu to split and , sorry, have never had a problem splitting the wrong thing. That’s not saying I never did it but the 1/2 second to hit “Undo” is not a big deal.

When, yesterday, I suddenly couldn’t, I thought there was something wrong with my video files. So I reprocessed them. Hours of delay. Finally, the next day, I figured it must be the application and searched “shotcut where did split at playhead go?” and came across this thread.

Yep the change was definitely a timesaver.

I think we should be able to enable/disable what’s in the context menu, maybe adding options from different sub menus just to have that quicker accessibility. I personally like to, and used to right click select the split at playhead button, but after building a new pc, after downloading the new shotcut version, I’ve found it really inconvenient to have to go into Edit, and am not really used to pressing S yet. I also saw a suggestion asking to have it in both the main Timeline menu, and the context menu, which I think would be pretty cool.