Restore Audio to Video Clip?

Is there anyway to restore the audio back to a video clip after you right click it and say “detach audio”? It’s fine if I have to edit the .mlt file to do it, I just have a large project where I had been experimenting with different ways of doings things and detached and deleted a lot of audio that I need to get back, ideally without having to re-edit the full 3 hour long video.

Or use reset to do it.


We are FAR past the point of CTRL+Z :rofl:

It took me a bit but I found “reset” under the properties tab of the video clip, thanks!

Did you have problems with such a long video? My shotcut can’t upload long videos. Is it ok?

It struggled a LOT crashed a lot. I had to save often and be very patient between just about anything I did. I tried splitting it into 6 smaller files, but it still had a lot of problems.

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