Resolution problem proxy

So i have a pretty bad pc and to reduce lag in preview i made proxys after that i started to experience bad resolution, black bars on upper and lower side of video and worse quality and i know a proxy downloads a file in lower resolution.

so is it normal that i have worse resolution with instaled proxy or?

Well, you said yourself that “i know a proxy downloads a file in lower resolution.” So if you know it’s a lower resolution how come your confused that it’s a “worse resolution”. By the way, proxy files in Shotcut are not “downloaded” they are generated and they are not “installed” they replace your original video files to work in the timeline so that they are easier to edit with.

You said you have a “pretty bad” PC so are you using Proxy together with Preview Scaling?

Also you said that you are getting “black bars on upper and lower side of video”. That sounds like letterbox bars:

But you’re saying that wasn’t on your original video and only on the proxy files? Can you share a picture of what you mean?

Yes i’m using both when i use effects and transitions

Yes like this is a proxy

And this is the original

As far as i know proxys make editing easier because they give you worse quality and no lag but in the exported file they are the quality that original has, am i right?

You need to set a Video Mode the same as your primary source to eliminate the black bars. Your screenshots show different project aspect ratios.

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ok, yea i figured it out, just a question is I use a proxy and it makes my quality worse in preview will it be worse in the final export product?

Not unless you choose Use Preview Scaling in the advanced Export menu. Otherwise it will export using the original video files. Proxy is just meant to be for editing. Which speaking of, when you were doing Preview Scaling were you using it from the Settings menu or were you changing the Video Mode to another resolution?

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i set preview scaling in settings menu and i usualy set video mode to automatic and it seems fine but i may have changed it in that project

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