Resolution and fps as playlist columns

I think the current choice of columns in the playlist window is somewhat obscure: the “In” and “Start” columns especially make very little sense to be so prominent while more important information like resolution, framerate and maybe even bitrate are many clicks away into the properties panel. (ok, my choice of importance is very subjective, but resolution has to be more important than the in or start point)

I see there are a few entries mentioning playlist in the road map but most of them look quite complex so I am hoping (maybe by popular demand/consensus) there could be a very quick change to replace In and start with resolution and framerate.

Or add them as extra columns. I think most people would consider them very useful readily accesible there.

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When you consider “Playlist” literally, the timing information is important. (It was not originally intended to be a library.) I will not allow replacement of the timing info for a playlist, but there could be additional columns in Details view or configration in Tiles view.

My bad, I should have made it clear I only mean it in the details view of the playlist. And you also deduced correctly that I use it as a temporary library/media organizer for longer/more complex projects, as I assume pretty much everyone does.

I can see the reasoning of the timing information, but in this case I’ll change my sugestion to “customizable playlist columns” so each user can decide what’s important for his own workflow.

This got me thinking today. Most people use this feature as a project library and not a playlist, and we are soon to add categories to it. Why not simply rename this as “Library” and let the minority usage treating it as a playlist continue to do so?

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That’s a good way forward, keeping both Playlist and adding a Library tab would be quite redundant for a lot of people. I’m not even sure anyone is using the playlist as… well a literal playlist (adding stuff to the timeline is way more convenient).