Resizing clip causes audio distortion

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Win 10

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Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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I have a clip downloaded from a Zoom meeting. I decided to zoom in on my face a bit, using the re-size feature (“size, position, rotate”) at 110%. The sound is distorted intermittently both during editing and after export. Without the re-size there is no audio distortion. There are no other filtres in use.

This is common during preview in Shotcut. But it is not expected in the export. Can you provide an example of what the distortion sounds like? As an experiment, can you disable the Size Position, Rotate filter and export again to make sure the distortion is coming from that filter?

On listening more carefully to the clip (better headphones) there is a little bit of audible distortion in the original. (However, the kind you can live with.) I can confirm that with the size filtre on, this was amplified considerably (the kind you can’t live with). I did export again without the filtre, and the problematic distortion level was absent. Had to get the project done, so I doubt that I still have the badly distorted examples.

The distortion was was on the peaks of some louder words, possibly the original was the result of the software clipping, or something - so imagine that, but with a lot more gain, or something. Sorry I’m not more help - I appreciate you trying to help.

Huh. That is surprising. The Size, Position & Rotate filter does not process the audio. So I do not have an explanation of why it would make the distortion worse. Maybe someone else will recreate this issue.

I can’t reproduce it. And I certainly can’t explain either why this happens.

But I’ll guess that your video and audio are on the same clip?
If so, maybe you could try to detach the audio and then apply the Size, Position & Rotate filter to the video clip only?

Now that would have been a good idea!

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