Resize without losing res 'trick' - keyframes for panning


End result needs to be

using 1920x1280 footage.

This means means I can ‘zoom’ - or ‘crop’ from a 1920x1280 down to the 1280, and not lose resolution. Very handy. You can ‘look’ like zooming in and out, get in closer, change the centre etc without losing res. This one ability is critical to my use of Shotcut.

I’ve figured out how to set the workspace, so cool.
I think I’ve figured out I can zoom in by %.

I started to write this & now I understand you are working on keyframe ability? to enable a ‘panning’ function that would allow a zoom in/out effect in video in a future version

I would also suggest to create the ability to include the use of pixel size in addition to the % to create start & endpoints for the zoom/pan, so one can’t ‘overcook’ the zoom

Looking forward to keyframe ability!!


Adrian K

Latest version now has keyframeabilty.

Shotcut 18.05 has keyframes. This video shows how to zoom in smoothly. Hope this is what you’re asking about :slight_smile: