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I would really appreciate somebody showing me how to widen the Timeline labels area (see image) because since updating to 22.12.21 I seem to have a list of labels that are completely illegible and which I cannot resize.

I’m on PCWin10x64.

Many thanks in advance…

It is not possible to resize that area. You need to live with the ugliness until it is fixed or make the tracks taller. BTW, the fix will be to shorten the displayed text and follow it with “…”. So, I doubt that helps with readability.

Oh dear. :sob:

I guess it was already ugly pre 22.12.21 and I hadn’t noticed. Making the tracks taller permanently, I think you’ll agree, isn’t feasible when you have 10 or more (and I almost always do). And the “…” isn’t giving me any dopamine either. But I’ll live with it. I have the option to switch to Premiere Pro CS6, but I just can’t, I have acute Adobeitis. So I’ll live with it, a quick Ctrl + and then a Ctrl - isn’t going to break my world apart. But maybe you could put it on “Suggestions” - it seems like an intuitive ui addendum.

However, the Glaxnimate interoperability means I can probably shave off a couple of tracks, so that’s something definitely worth pursuing!

Thanks for the speedy reply. :pray: :+1:

There is a way to change the width of the track heads. I’ve been using it for years without problems.
You just need to edit one line of code.

  • Go to C: > Program Files > Shotcut > share > shotcut > qml > views > timeline

  • Open the timeline.qml file in a text/code editor (I use Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code)

  • On line 31, you will see this:

  • Change change the 180 value to another of your choice and Save (see notes bellow). A new value of 250 will allow you to use 20 characters in the track heads.




About saving

When you attempt to save, the code editor probably tell you that it can’t save the file, and will prompt you to retry in Administrator mode.

In Notepad++ :

In Visual Studio Code:

Accept and you will be asked by Windows to allow the app to make changes on your computer.

With Notepad++:
When you accept, Notepad++ re-launches but the file is not saved yet. Go to File and Save.

With Visual Studio Code
When you accept, Visual Studio Code re-launches and the file is saved.

Is it safe?

Like I said, I’ve been doing this for years and I never had any issues. But if for any reasons you mess up something and can’t repair it with the code editor, this is not a big deal. Simply uninstall/reinstall Shotcut.
By the way, you will need to edit that line of code every time you upgrade to a new version of Shotcut.


That’s a rather fandabidosily superb tip :vulcan_salute:, MusicalBox - tested and working! Additionally I’ve placed a shortcut on my desktop to take me to the file every time I upgrade. My problems are solved. Kudos to you sir!


(Kudos, additionally, of course to the Dev)

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Thank you @musicalbox. That is a really good tip. I will bookmark this post for the future.

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@BeretGascon, @jonray
You’re welcome. Glad it was helpful.
In addition, I learned a new word: Fandabidozi :grin:

Je ne comprend pas.
Sauf sur la dernière version (que je n’ai pas encore installée), si le libellé est trop long, il est élidé à droite.
En passant le curseur sur le libellé, une bulle apparait pour afficher le nom complet.

I don’t understand.
Except on the latest version (which I have not yet installed), if the label is too long, it is elided on the right.
When you move the cursor over the label, a balloon appears to display the full name.


What? You don’t know Fandabidozi? You’re missing out. There was a quirky Scottish double act called “The Krankies” popular on Kids’ TV in the UK back in the 80’s. The Krankies were actually a husband and wife duo…

The Krankies wiki:

:grin: :wink:


@jonray Unless I am mistaken, I am afraid that this show has not made its way to Canadian television.
I think I would have noticed it.

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Having been subjected to the Krankies’ very, very, very puerile humour during the crazy 80’s, I can tell you that you have been spared the worst that the UK could throw at you. Truly repulsive stuff and hardly funny even under the influence of a few pints of Newcastle Brown Ale. I notice all we’re sending the poor outwitted Ukraine Armed Forces is old, out-of-date and past their sell-by date armoured vehicles. Maybe instead of Leopard and Abrams tanks, we should send the Russkies broadcasts of these and other dreadful “comics” from the 1980’s.

Fandabidozi indeed!


The only British TV shows I remember watching in the 70’s and 80’s are The Benny Hill Show, a few episodes of Dr Who, UFO, Space: 1999 and Red Dwarf (my favorite).

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I just thought that I’d add for the benefit of those who were interested, to change the width of the track heads when you’re in Keyframes, the file to edit (same process as in @MusicalBox 's solution) is:

C: > Program Files > Shotcut > share > shotcut > qml > views > keyframes > keyframes.qml

On line 29, you will see this:

Change to the desired value (mine is 250 and is perfect for my needs).

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