Resize photo slideshow to match audio track

Hi all, I am going nuts! Last year I made a funeral slideshow where I added a bunch of photos to a music track, set the transitions and I found a way to auto scale the slideshow to match the full duration of an audio track. Sadly I need to do another funeral but I cannot work out how I did it! I read the forum, reviewed a bunch of YouTubes but cannot find the elusive clue.
There are some 155+ photos and it is a work in porgress with them being added and deleted - I really do not want to edit the list to match the sound tracks … Some quick assistance would be appreciated as the funeral is in 4 days … ty in advance.
Warmest, Lex

  • Add you audio track to the timeline
  • Add your pictures to the playlist
  • select all pictures in playlist
  • Add selected to slideshow
  • Play with the duration of each picture until tje slideshow duration match your audio track lenght

for a funeral a would think that a min. duration at min. 5 sec and transition at 2 sec, you don’t want the pace to be high, then it is better to reduce the number of pictures or increase the length of the audio track.

Audio track of 15 minutes (15m x 60s = 900s)
900 seconds / 155 pictures = 5.8s + 2.0s (Transition duration) = 7.8s


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