Resize from 3264x2013 to 1920x1080

I have a project of 150 images, I have to transform them from 3264x2013 to 1920x1080, is there an automatic way with Shucut to do this work.
I tried my luck with the playlist “select all”, “property”, “edit” but it only changed one image(first one).
Is there also the possibility when we have finished a montage to save in a group only in a new file the photos of this montage so that I can easily find them compared to the project file.
Thank you for your help.

I don’t know if there’s a batch process for doing that at Shotcut.
I can only advise XnView (classic version or MP version)
You can also choose only the application to resize, called XnResize.

For such an amount of photos, you will save time with a batch process.

Thank you for your reply,
I do have Photofiltre Studio and xnView, I will tried XnResize later on

XnView also allows batch resizing (among other things).
You wouldn’t need to install XnResize if you already have XnView.

It’s a long time I did not use XnView, I did not remember it could do it, I have tried XnResize, it works perfectly, Thank you the job is done;

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The two dimensions don’t share the same aspect ratio, so there would be some loss or just live with pillars are on both sides.

Resizing went well because I tresized them on the longer side (1920), the loss was made on the height, and for the one that did not suit me I resized them one by one to my convenience.
Nothing is perfect, we have to deal with it.
Thank you.

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