Reset the list of filters?

By accident I delete one of the items in the list of filters - how can I restore it ?

Hi, Shotcut filters are located here (windows):
X:\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters .

If you have completely deleted the filter folder you might have to reinstall shotcut…

Thx, I’ll lokk there to see.

I just clicked on the * in the filter list on screen

All that you have done is removed it from your list of Favourites. Go to the next tab “Video”, find the filter and click the asterisk (*) next to it to copy the name back to your “Favourites” list.

OK, I just re-installed but now I know what I did in the first place THX !

Ah, thanks, @elusien, I should have realised that that was the most likely thing to check first!

Hi @ksor, sorry I led you into reinstalling, but glad you have now got it sorted!

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