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I am creating a course that uses ShotCut as its video editor. My students will have just installed Shotcut so as I demonstrate the Voice Over capability on my screencast, I would like the select audio process to agree with what they see. But apparently, once I make my selections, ShotCut “remembers” and the configuration screens never again appear. Or, I am doing something wrong.

Is there a way to get back to the original ShotCut setup? Or would uninstall / reinstall do what I need?

It’s shown in Properties each time you enter Audio/Video Device as long as it’s still in the Source Viewer.

Originally I went to File>Open Other which pops up
Open other with Network column on left. Click on DirectShow which brings up Video Input and Audio Input. OK on that
Export>Select MP3 on left column of Export. Double click on the MP3 to get the MP3 format. Click on Capture File to select save-as file then it starts recording

That was original. And what I want to demonstrate to my students.

I delete any previous audio files. Invoke the ShotCut Video Editorfrom my desktop.
I go to File>Open Other which pops up Open Other with Network Column on the left.
I do not have Direct Show.

Instead it brings up the Audo/Video Input. Clicking OK goes directly to recording with only the Filters, SV and Timeline showing.
I press “k”
Click Export>Select which proceeds as before by double clicking on MP3 which pops up the Capture File.
But after selecting the output file, ShotCut returns to the layout with no apparent playhead movement. The only clue that it is recording is that the “Capture File” button reads “Stop Capture” which is the only way to stop the recording: there’s no pause button under the SV and typing “k”.does nothing.

Is there a way to return to the original sequence that includes “Direct Show” without uninstall / reinstall? I’d like to demonstrate what my students will experience.

Direct Show for voice overs was removed a long time ago.

You need to find an old version that still uses Direct Show or demonstrate the voice over capability to your students using the new system.:slightly_smiling_face:

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That is good news. What a relief. Thank you. I will continue to use my version 19.12.31 in my course

It is not removed but simply renamed Audio/VIdeo Device since many users do not know what DirectShow is.

I recommend WAV over MP3. WAV is more accurate for editing.

I press “k”

At this point, since the audio device is opened in the Source player, you have stopped monitoring the audio capture. “capture” here is not yet captured to file since you have not started that. Rather, it is capture in a monitoring mode to verify it is working and the levels are OK. At this point if you are not using a headset, you may experience compounding echoes at which point I mute the Shotcut player.

after selecting the output file, ShotCut returns to the layout with no apparent playhead movement.

That is normal because this is not a dedicated voice-over function in Shotcut. It is simply audio recording, while voiceover is audio recording while playing the timeline. Thus, you simply need to start timeline playback if that is what you want. That probably requires that you switch to the Project player.

Thank you for the explanation. And I will follow your advice on selecting WAV over MP3.

Just an update. The Shotcut Tutorial entitled “Recording a Voice Over” (URL: is where I originally encountered “Direct Show”.

I’ll crosspost to suggestions.

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