Requesting a full timeline zoom out button



I love the new Shotcut, I’ve been working with Shotcut for while, and I think we need a button that can actually zoom out the entire timeline with a single click, this would save time and improve the workflow.

Thank you.


Very unlikely as I do not want to clutter the UI with numerous buttons. Simply dag the slider all of the way. However, I am not opposed to adding a keyboard shortcut.


Just to add that if you position the mouse over the timeline zoom slider and use the mouse wheel (windows, not sure about other platforms) it will give you a coarse zoom and in most cases the timeline will be zoomed in/out in just a few wheel movements. A keyboard shortcut would be useful, I would +1 for that.


Granted this is a 2.5 hour video, but I do not believe there is a way to get the whole timeline zoomed out. I’m thinking that’s what the OP is referring to.


A Keyboard shorcut is fine with me.
Thanks for responding.


I very much agree with your point. It does improve efficiency. This user experience improvement can be taken seriously.
What do other people think?