Request to add Audio waveform circle support (NCS type)

Hello, I’ve been a user of shotcut for some time. Thanks for the good video editor. I make music videos on my channel. It would be better if you guys could implement circle audio spectrum visualizer (similar to the one shown on ncs videos). I use the regular spectrum visualizers for my videos. I looked for ways to add the circle and didn’t found any method.
Hope the devs accept my request and add circle visualizers. Thanks in advance.

– Ross

It is unlikely that you will be able to create exactly the same as NCS, since NCS most likely used the Adobe After Effects application, but with the help of shotcut you can also achieve very impressive effects, just by spending a little time and experimenting with filter combinations. This site has already posted examples of very worthy ways to use built-in audio visualization tools, and it looks no less stylish than NCS.

p.s. You don’t need to try to do something like someone else, you need to strive to make something YOUR OWN, unique. The right combination of shotcut filters can produce very impressive results.

It only took me half an hour to create a vaguely similar result to NCS, if I spend a few more hours I can probably get even closer. Try experimenting too.


It looks something like this. But you can also experiment with filters.

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Wow, that’s clever.

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Hi, Ross_Maxx,
A few weeks ago, I created a video montage using the Audio Vawe Visualization filter. It looked like this (done quickly):

Totally agree with @dimadjdocent. It’s rewarding to create your own work.