Replacing video without recreating transitions

Hi I am wondering if its possible to change the source video without having to re do the transitions?

I have a video file and I realised the white balance was wrong (using a different monitor to my normal one) and I had someone use premier pro to adjust the white balance as shotcut couldnt quite get it correct and I really dont fancy re doing all the transitions (the video is 40 minutes long!).
If I simply rename the new video with the correct white balance to the same as the source video now will shotcut recognise that or will I be left having to re do all the editing anyway?

Many thanks!!

It should work, but the video your friend edited needs to have exactly the same properties as the original: Length, frame rate etc…

I suggest you make a copy of your project before testing it.

  • For example if your project is named myproject.mlt, open it in Shotcut and go to File > Save As… and save your project as myprojectCOPY.mlt.

  • Close Shotcut.

  • If your original file (the one with the wrong white balance) name is video1.mp4 rename it video1_ORIGINAL.mp4.

  • Put the edited file (the one your friend made) in the same folder and name it video1.mp4.

  • Open myprojectCOPY.mlt in Shotcut and check if everything is fine.


Thank you I will try that!

I had visions of 4 weeks work up in smoke so I didnt want to tempt fate!


You’re welcome.
Let us know if it works.

I would say it was about 80% successful, when I re ran the project I got soudn but a black screen (cue mild breakdown) after investigating in the video properties I found track drop down was set to none changing it to 1:192x 1080 worked. I still have to do this for every cut but atleast I dont have to reedit it all


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Try using the Replace command for timeline clips: context menu or R. It uses whatever is in the Source player and its in point.

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