Replacing an audio track with another

Hi there,

I have checked the forum for other answers to this but couldn’t get them to work.

From a recent Zoom session I have an mp4 video and m4a audio track. The mp4 audio is not good and I wanted to remove it and add the m4a audio to create a new final mp4.

I muted the existing audio on the mp4 and could import the m4a onto Playlists, but I couldn’t find a way to combine the 2, without simply overwriting the video data.

Can anyone help me?


Right click on the video clip then select detach audio. That will put the audio track of the video clip on a separate audio track.

Delete the audio, replace it with your m4a audio then export the video.



Click on the three line menu, select track operations, add audio track.

Now drag the m4a file from playlist to the timeline on the audio track created.

Alternatively, right click on video track, select separate audio, now move the m4a file from the playlist to the audio track.


Much appreciated, guys. I think I got it now!

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