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I use shotcut to create videos with many clips and copy and paste the same clip into the timeline and then replace it with the final clip.

I wanted to know if there is a quick and easy way to replace clips in the timeline, I currently use the Replace (R) function but it is very slow if you have hundreds of clips in the timeline to replace.

I attach an image where I pasted 10 clips all the same, the clip has the name 1.png I should get in the timeline 1.png - 2.png - 3.png - 4.png - 5.png - 6.png - 7.png - 8.png - 9.png - 10.png

I currently use the Replace(R) function but it’s tiring when you have hundreds of clips to replace.

I thought if it was possible to edit the .mlt file with notepad to change the names and paths of the clips but I don’t know if it is possible and if it can damage the file.

I’m looking for tips to quickly replace clips in the timeline, I attach an image.

Thank you

It is both: possible and possible to damage the project. You should simply try it and save it as different file to open and test.

Otherwise, I do not understand how it is “tiring” when the computer is doing all the work. :wink:

Thanks for the answer, I explain the situation better and I hope you can give me some advice.

I make videos with numerous small images. To speed up the work, I insert 1 image (1.png) in the timeline, then with copy and paste I duplicate it until I have 100 images (1.png) in the timeline at this point they manually replace the images to have from 1.png to 100.png in the timeline and finally I apply the effects to the various clips.

To replace each image (1.png) with the definitive image I use the REPLACE (R) command but each time for each image to be replaced I must first open the image in the source with open file and search the image to load and then I must go to the timeline and right click mouse over the image to be replaced and apply the REPLACE (R) command and I have to do this job 100 times on video and in the end I get that in the timeline I have all the images from 1.png to 100.png.

I wanted to ask if you can recommend me a faster and easier way to do this job.

Currently it takes a long time to perform 100 REPLACE throughout the timeline because first I have to open the image in the source and then I have to replace it in the timeline and I can only do 1 image at a time.

I ask if there is a faster solution to replace the images in the timeline, a mass replacer or a faster way that avoids me opening the image in the source every time to then activate the REPLACE on each clip in the timeline (I have 100 images to replace in my videos)

This is my timeline the result I would like to obtain is having clips from 1.png to 100.png


Is there a reason you’re not dragging the original 100 images to the timeline directly? If you need a certain length, you can set a default value (in properties of an image in playlist) and all of them will respect that.

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Here a quick tutorial showing how to change the default duration of imported images and new clips.

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I apologize but I still don’t know the shotcut commands well.

I’ve found that just open all the clips in the playlist and then select them all and move them to the timeline that way I don’t have to duplicate and replace every single image.

So I open all 100 images (from 1.png to 100.png) in the playlist, select all them and then drag them to the timeline and I will have them all inserted in order without having to REPLACE them one at a time.

Thanks also @MusicalBox for the suggestion to change the default duration in order to simplify my work.

Excuse me but I still don’t know well all the shotcut commands and some things that are so simple may be difficult for me.

I keep studying shotcut and keep reading the forum to learn how to use shotcut better.

Thank you all

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