Replace image while retaining length and filters

I really tried to find an answer before posting this, so if this has already been asked, I do apologize.

I found a post that tells me how to copy-and-paste filters, but that is not a solution for my need. What I have, is a video I made earlier, having multiple overlays that come and go. Now that I am happy with it, I want to make another version for my friends, in his language. I have the new overlay PNGs and now I want to swap the “source” of these images, while retaining their precise timing (location), length and filters.

I expected to find such an option from “properties”, but there is none. Also, while “duration” exists, for some reason, the start time is not… can’t understand why, as it would help be at least do this manually.

I cannot be the first person who wants to change the image sources, so I am hopeful that there is a way to do this in a reasonable manner. Could someone help me to learn the right way, please?

EDIT: I should have specified also how I hope to proceed. The plan is to simply copy the completed project into a new .MLT -file and start swapping overlay images therein. In the end, there would be two project files, one for each language, which can be modified for any possible mistakes. This means that I have one folder of PNG files now for one language and another for another language, and I would like to somehow swap the source from one file+path to another, in this copied project .MLT -file.

Probably several ways better than what I can think but this is what I would do.

Within your OS, change the image file names to match, preserving their location within your OS.

  • or-

Backup existing Project File to a different file name.
New layer, Open new image, set desired length:
Format: HH:MM:SS:FF (FF=Frames)
Make sure snapping it turned on. Align the new clip with the old. Copy filters from old Image, paste to new image. Hide/delete old image layer.

Oh, yes - that’s true. Replacing the source itself in the disk will do the trick. Down side is of course that the first language version is “replaced” (in a manner) and there won’t be two video projects. Of course, “language swap” could be done by overwriting the pictures each time, but I already foresee a need to add a few overlay images into the next version that my language version will not have…

As for adding yet another layer… I may have reached the limit as when I have tried to add new, the program crashes. Also, if I touch hide/show, the whole project gets corrupted and I have to dig up an earlier save. (perhaps I got little over excited about using layers and doing effects…)

I’m slightly worried that this will eventually be reduced into manual editing of the XML project file…

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