Repaired MLT: Unable to change the speed of a video clip

I am unable to change the speed of a video clip on the timeline if a few specific conditions are met.

Shotcut Version: 19.12.31

These conditions require that the file be in a repaired condition (specifically I’ve had this occur after moving the Shotcut project file to a different folder and having to relocate the source files) and that the clip be set to any speed that isn’t 1x.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a new Shotcut project and insert a video source into the Playlist section.
  2. Drag the video from the Playlist into the timeline.
  3. Select this clip in the timeline and go to Properties and change the speed to 2.000000x
  4. Save this project as “ShotcutSpeedBug” (Or really any name you want).
  5. Close Shotcut.
  6. Go to the project save location.
  7. Create a new folder in this save location and call it “Folder” (Or anything you want).
  8. Move the saved project into this folder.
  9. Reopen the saved project
  10. You should be prompted to find the missing video file, point Shotcut to it
  11. Select the clip in the timeline and go to Properties and try to change the speed.
  12. You should be unable to change the speed.

(I should note that my video files were in the same folder as the project was initially saved to. If the above doesn’t work, add this condition in).

Thanks for looking at this!

I changed the title to properly reflect the issue.
I can confirm the issue does exist.
speedbug 0.mlt (4.1 KB)
speedbug 0 - Repaired.mlt (4.1 KB)
Can’t change speed.

This only affects the repaired MLT. A repaired MLT does not overwrite your original MLT file, therefore as long as you place the files (with original file names) back in place where they were once opened, speed changes can be made without a problem.

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Thanks for the high qualify bug report and the easy steps to reproduce. This is fixed for the next release.

Thanks for fixing it!

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