Rendering takes forever


I just recently downloaded Shotcut, and made my first film. But when I tried exporting it, it took almost 2 hours for a 10 minute clip in 60 fps and 1080p to get rendered?

Am I doing somethihng wrong? I’ve checked with tutorials and followed them, but the process doesnt seem to speed up.

Any help would be appriciated.



Can you tell me your system specifications? I personally believe your CPU has a lot to do with rendering time. If it is a lower end CPU it will take longer. Higher end, it’s faster.


Based upon hardware, especially any drive not SSD/NVME will take considerable longer. CPU speed, amount of ram, to what you have running in the background.

If you’re using a computer with just one HDD (Hard Disk Drive) this will dramatically slow down performance.

Best performance is to restart your computer, turn off all anti-virus, no other windows/programs open, then export. Don’t touch your computer until it’s done exporting. This means no watching Netflix/YouTube on your computer while you wait.

All rendering takes time, and based upon how many transitions, filters, etc… it may take even longer.