Rendering takes ages

ok so i used shotcut bevore for 2 video’s, it toke long but not that long. now i got a 10 minute video that says it will take 2 hours to export? if you need more info let me know

Do you really think you gave enough info? :smile:
Read this.

No, but i don’t know what to provide. anyways it’s fine it seemed to be a software bug

If it’s really a bug with Shotcut then it would be worth reporting on it so it can get fixed.

Frequently, the initial (< 10%) time estimates reported are misleading, and it will not take that long. It is not very smart at predicting. This was made slightly better in the latest version 18.11.18, but you did not say your version. Also, some people misread the time display, but you did not show yours. Did you let it continue and see how long it actually took?

It would help to know the cpu, video resolution, format, and changes you’ve made as well

Yeah it only toke 15 minutes wish i was more patient, thanks for the help guys

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