Rendering file weight outcome

Hi there, I’m new to Shotcut so this might be a very newbie question and maybe a weird one but I really want to know. If a video file size (after edits i.e. cutting and adding to it) is let’s say 1 GB, after rendering it (with the highest quality/resolution) does the output export size should be the 1 GB? Because so far I’ve been getting less than the 1 GB and I want to make sure that I’m not lowering the quality of the video.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


The “Highest quality/resolution” can mean many things. It is far better if you specify exactly the parameters that you used when exporting the video.

Try comparing the original and the new version visually side by side. If you can’t see any lowering of quality when you study them you shouldn’t worry.

Also, the highest quality setting is 100%, but you should not usually use this as many video players cannot handle that - anything over 67% is overkill. See the following thread for some useful information:

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