Rendering doesn't works

I was rendering a video with h264_amf and it took 46 seconds what isn’t usually. After that I wanted to look this video, but it was just blackscreen and I only could heard the audio. How can I fix it?
I use Windows 10 with i5 with 2.80 Ghz and I have 8GB RAM.
The I use 1080p 30fps.
GPU Effects (Experimental) isn’t activated.
I want to have the video in mp4.
And while the computer was rendering the Video CPU was over 60%.
Thanks for helping in advance!

In order to better help you, you need to provide more information. Please read this. :slight_smile:

Turn off Use hardware encoder. It probably does not like the resolution or frame rate of the project/export. You can try to read the log of a problematic export job to look for hints about error.

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