Rendering a video with transparency

I’ve created a stinger transition for my streams but I’m having trouble rendering the transparency of the video so it works on OBS. I’ve used a chroma key on the stinger (To remove the greenscreen) with a transparent colour source in a track underneath, as shown here:

I’ve then exported the project using the “WebM VP9 with alpha channel” preset, then loaded it into OBS, however there is still a black background rather than transparency. Is there any way to fix this?

Remove the transparent clip on V1. Shotcut does not preserve alpha for output when blending tracks. By putting the transparent clip on V1, you are making it do blending.

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This is very useful information - thanks!

This is quite useful thanks, however now I have to deal with the chroma key filter as now the greenscreen is still visible when I render… Do you have any solutions for this?

EDIT: Oh wait no, I found something. Turns out I can use a size and position filter after the chroma key to preserve the transparency, so I’ll use that for now. Thanks again for your help!

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