Render in 80% or 85%

So, from what I know it’s not worth it to render a project 100%. It just will give you a bigger file but not better quality. But what I still don’t know is is rendering/exporting in 85% give better result than rendering in 80 %?

Those numbers depend on the codec being used, and whether the software or hardware encoder is being used.

If using libx264, the cutoff is around 68% where the eye can’t really detect any further improvements.

Technically, 85% is better than 80%, but both are beyond what the eye can distinguish, and probably wasted space.

These numbers would be different if using hardware encoding.

I use hardware encoder, and my codec is h264_qsv. Any suggestion…?

Honestly, I don’t know. The tricky thing with QuickSync is that Intel changes the implementation with almost every generation of processor. Later versions look much better than early versions when using identical quality settings. The only real way to know the best quality settings for your specific hardware is to run a VMAF visual quality test between the original source videos and the exported file to see if the VMAF difference is within six points. If so, the quality is basically as good as needed for a final file. See:

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