Render for tiktok video

I’m recording minecraft videos for tiktok and I would like to know if this render config is good and what I could change:

OBS Settings:
Rate Control: CQP
CQ Level: 17
Keyframe Interval: 0 s
Preset: P7
Tuning: Hight Quality
Multipass Mode: Single Pass
Profile: High

1080x1920 9:16
120 fps

It seems to me that these quality settings are very redundant for tik tok. I downloaded a video stream from tiktok and was unpleasantly surprised, all the videos had a resolution of 576x1024, tiktok compresses the video a lot. 120 fps is also too much, tik tok supports a maximum of 60. I usually upload 720x1280x60 to tik tok. This is the maximum that this platform can do. No matter how good the quality of the original is, TikTok will still compress it to 576x1024.

The 120 fps causes a motion blur effect, even though tiktok doesn’t support it. That’s why minecraft players record at 120fps, 240fps or even more.

I will test it, thx!

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