Render / Export take forever

Whatever I do, when I finished editing and I want to export / render the video, the export / render take FOREVER, my goodness. Like, only a 40 seconde video is almost 30 minutes (Approx). I just can’t imagine a 1h40m video 0_o. Is there an explanation to that ? Shotcut is an amazing, simple and extremely fast tool to edit a video, and I don’t want to change only for that :confused: Thanks alot !

  • Xiarno

Depends what you’re asking Shotcut to do and what to render?
Tell us more about the source file, the edits (inc all filters used) and the export settings.

Source file always depend… But it’s always a recording of my gameplay (With Action!) and is always .mp4, except rare occasion. The edit / filters are always : FastForward & Cut or one of both. The export settings are ALWAYS the Youtube preset.


  • Xiarno

@Steve_Ledger Sorry if posted again, but getting a response in less than one day, then more than 3 days is… meh. So I’ve responded to you’re question. Do you have an answer on how / why it’s happen ? Thanks.

My apologies for not responding inside your expected time frame.
My only thoughts are that from the scant information you have provided is that perhaps your computer is not up to the task.

Well, can I give you my computer specs so you can check by yourself ?
If yes, I need somewhere to see what specs I have, because I don’t know how to check x)
Thanks again :wink:

Honestly (and IMHO…): You don’t even remotely give enough information.

  1. No information what program you use to record your gameplay.
  2. No information what resolution or framerate.
  3. No information about your filters and edit settings.
    4 .No information about your PC specs.
  4. No information about your output settings.

As for 1.: Bandicam, fraps, playclaw, nvidia? What codec settings on recording?
As for 2.: 1280x720, or 1920x1080, or 3840x2160 (which is my standard since 2012) or higher? 30 fps or more?
As for 3.: You can always add filters which can make any program crawl.
As for 4.: I5 2500k with 8 GB RAM or or i7-7xxx with 32 GB? How much RAM? Is the source file on SSD or HDD?
As for 5.: Do you use x264 --preset veryslow as encoding settings?

And you expect an answer within a day or two, during the typical holiday times, on a freely available program. How can you be so selfish and self-centered? Do you expect that everyone in the world can read your mind and has to respond to what you think without you needing to say it?