Rename or comment for playlist items

Nice program.
I like that you can create multiple instances of a clip in the playlist. Each with their own in and out points. This is helpful if you have a single clip with multiple portions you may want to use. It would be helpful if you could rename the copies (in playlist, not filename) so that later you could see the different portions and select a particular one to add to the timeline. Another option would be to make the comment field visible in the tiles or details view. This is especially helpful for talking heads because the footage looks very similar throughout and in-point thumbnails don’t always help to distinguish content.
Thanks for your consideration.

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Go to the Properties tab for the clip and select the blue bar where the name is. That’s where you can change the name. The fastest way of getting there is to select the clip and hit F2 on your keyboard and you can just start typing right away to change the name.


Excellent… Thank you!