Removing part of video when "s" key doesn't seem to work

I have been using the “s” key to mark two parts of a video, so that I can remove the portion in between. Usually it works, but I also frequently find that the “s” key does not actually make a mark at that point. Is there another way to mark the points of a track where you want to create an edit?

Not once you have it in the timeline.

In the source viewer you can create start/end points, then drag that portion to the timeline, or put them in a playlist, then you can drag those to the timeline.
This is just one of the ways you can manipulate creating clips from source. You also do I (for In) and O (for out), plus other shortcuts (F1 Key).

I’ve not experienced your issue with splitting video with the S key. Make sure you have the clip selected before attempting to split. For me, I’m always on the wrong track when I make attempt to split, but that’s my own fault.

You can also use this icon to split a track in the timeline.

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Thanks. Should have thought of using the Split at Playhead button! Cheers

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