Removing or reducing background noise

is it possible to remove or at lest reduce background noise in Shot cut?

You can try working the high-pass filter.
But it depends on what you mean by ‘noise’.

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my mike picked up the sound of my pc’s hard drive and/or fan even if I could just reduce it would be helpful.

or is it possible to split the audio from the video and run the audio through an adio editor like audacity?

You can add the video to an audio track only, then export the audio for processing externally.
Then you can import the edited audio into the playlist with your video to add to a new audio track while muting the original video track’s audio.

I hope that made sense :smiley:

yes it did. thanks I’m rather new to shotcut and I’m figuring things out slowly.

Remember that you can create scrolling/animated titles and credits using your copy of Xara Designer Pro. Export as .avi and add them to the start and end of the video track, or create a new video track in Shotcut if you want them as a composite overlay.

Yes that’s a good idea. I also create introductions in Designer Pro as a presentation then I create a screen recording of the presentation previewed full screen and at this time I add a voice over for the introduction. The main video and the intro are then put together in shot cut. I used to use something else but I came across shotcut and I like it better :slight_smile: