Removing background hiss on VOICE OVER NARRATION

Hi guys, do you know how to remove background hiss on Voice over narration. I badly need help on it.

You may need one or more filters - noise gate, band pass, high pass.
The names of these filters are also keywords in the search engine on the forum, youtube and other search engines.
Each of these filters may require individual configuration settings.

Denoising, correcting sound recordings can be problematic and does not always bring the expected results if the quality of the source is very bad. I omit environmental conditions, surroundings (wind, rain, background noise). Sometimes it’s a weak microphone and sometimes the lack of a microphone cover, incorrect sound recording settings (too much volume, too much amplification, sound boost.

Search results for ‘noise’ - Shotcut Forum

Requires a free account, but this is surprisingly good and is definitely worth a try:

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Scotts PC uploaded a video not long ago where he shows how to use Adobe Enhance Speech on a Shotcut project.

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