Remove Yellow Blank at the End of a Video

I would like to get rid of that at the end, and I can’t figure out how. There’s a similar thread that was in 2017 and seems to no longer work. I can’t right click and remove it and I can’t split at figurehead.
Sorry for my n00biness
Thanks in advance

It appears you have two very short video clips at the end of your lower track. Maybe they are only 1 frame each. But they need to be removed. To select them, try zooming out a lot. If you still have trouble selecting them, put any short video clip on your lower track, select it, then press Ctrl/right arrow, twice (once to select the yellow area to the right, then the 1 frame clip). Then delete, then do the same to select the last clip. When both are deleted, the yellow area will disappear.

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Wow, thank you so much @jonray I didn’t even see the lines there. You’re a life saver my friend.
Thank you!

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You’re welcome! :smile:

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