Remove unwanted frames from video

I convert vhs to dvd and want to remove any unwanted video from the video. Remove areas between in and out markers

You really should view the very first Shotcut tutorial video. Basically, your logic is backwards. You preserve the video between in and out markers. Then, add that video to a Playlist. You can do this multiple times. Works great once you catch on! Then assemble the final video on the Timeline.

The pertinant part starts at about 10M:30S


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i really don’t mess around with the in and out markers from the preview window…i have, but typically i do almost all of my editing from the timeline, and discard unwanted portions of video by clicking to move the playhead close to where i want it, then using the left and right arrow keys to dial it in to the precise frame i’m wanting to get rid of…split it there…if it is a sequence that i want gone i continue with the right arrow key…split at the end of the unwanted sequence, right click the unwanted section and select remove from the sub-menu. but that’s just me. hope this helps.

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