Remove noise from you audio with shotcut and audacity

Don’t click this link:-

I am sorry to say, but you make a video about noise removal and my first thought, when i started the video was: Oh, what a terrible audio! :roll_eyes:
Full of noise, hard to understand. I really dont want to be unpolite, but when you make a tutorial about noise removal, this is really a bad start i guess :wink:

For me, It’s impossible to make videos that have no noise, By the time I was making videos my freind was watching TV at 98% sound and my second friend was using my Bluetooth Speaker with full sound for playing cyberpunk. Then I noticed that this is the only quietest sound I can make.

Hey Rilos, Have you played quantum break

There seems to be a coupling and I agree with @RilosVideos that his audio example is not the best start for a tutorial on audio.
I have not seen the whole video (I do not understand English well) and with that noise even less.
Eliminating noise in such a noisy environment is problematic. Placing a noise gate for occasional low-volume sounds is not the same as trying to isolate the correct sound (or the sound of the voice) from all other interfering frequencies.
Trying to fix this can produce even more artificial and strange audio.
So the first tip is: record the narration in as quiet an environment as possible. Not possible at home? My son sometimes makes recordings and goes out and about and records with his smartphone away from the noise, then adds that audio to the edit.

There are a bunch of un-techy persons out of my home, they will be thinking me fool.
I think, from now I will record at 2am at night.

Hi Ar_D,

i dont even know what that is :slight_smile: And no - i hardly play anything on computer. There might be fun plays but i think there is so much more worth to look at. And yes, if you have such bad audio conditions i would suggest waiting for a few quiet moments. You could also use some noise absorbing material in your room like thick clothes or curtains or special noise absorbers. Or you do your voice recording outside in a quite place with few or no peoples around. Depending on where you live that might be a challenge to find such a place.

I live in a very urban area, and across my house there are several buildings.
So I think I should make tutorials when everybody is out.