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hi, i’m using different application to cut and trim a video because it doesnt need reencode. but the the problem is, sometimes this app (Avidemux) cant be cut properly because of the ‘keyframe’, (it says video will be corrupted).

will that be possible for Shotcut only remove all the keyframe from a video without reencode?


The Extract Sub-clip option in Properties:

is the same that Avidemux offers except that Avidemux offers the additional option of only extracting it on the keyframes. The reason this option for extracting it only on the keyframes is given is because there are times when cutting outside the keyframes will corrupt the video for the first few seconds. This feature is directly from ffmpeg and this limitation is on their end. As far as I know, ffmpeg hasn’t developed a way to extract at the exact frame with no issues. Right now you just have to test it and if it comes out badly then extract it on the keyframes even though it won’t be on the exact frame you wanted.

@shotcut, would you consider adding that option to extract on the keyframes in case the video gets ruined for the first few seconds?


thanks thats very informative!

and yes, the ‘Extract Sub-Clip’ works really well! it doesnt change any bitrate or everything, just cut it. Again, Tq very much.

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so this option does not re-encode again (it only trims so then it does not lose quality)?

That’s right.

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This is good to know, and it is a capability of Shotcut that I was unaware of (like so many others).
Thank you.

Should have somekind of new menu for this feature, which separate from Properties tab. Or maybe call by a different name…

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This is amazing! I can definitely use this! Thanks!

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