Remove DRM/ copyrights from an audio file?

Hi all. Does anyone know if Shotcut has the ability to remove the copyright from an audio file? Thanks.

Is that actually legal do you think?

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Just wondering if the software has the ability to do it…

What DRM are you talking about? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Also, you can’t remove copyright from an audio file because copyright is a concept.


Thanks, I’m already familiar with DRM and audio. I just don’t understand what OP’s problem is. I’ve never run into audio DRM that can’t be easily circumvented.

If you are looking for a fast and all-in-one DRM audio converter, you can have a test with TunesKit Audio Converter. It’s able to convert multiple kinds of DRM-protected audio files, including Apple Music, iTunes songs, audiobooks, Audible, as well as non-DRM audios.

What kind of copyright do you want to remove? If you mentioned about Apple Music, I think you can remove its copyright with the help of an Apple Music Converter.

It isn’t legal. And, in my opinion, it’s morally wrong. I guess the Rolling Stones will get buy if they miss out on a few dollars from removed DRM. But it’s their work and they want to protect it from misuse. No copyright = public domain = use it without regard for whoever’s work it is.

And forget putting the work up on YouTube. I’ve put up some very obscure tracks (which I credit in the closing crawl). Often YT marks it as “artist reserves the right to monetize the video” because their work is in it. I’ve got no pride on the matter, but it demonstrates that YT does check content. And they do block gross copyright infringement.

Additionally, production companies have people who look for violations, and lawyers that send unpleasant “cease and desist” letters. Once someone’s on their radar, there’s a good chance continued violation won’t result in just another letter.They obviously don’t catch every violation. But being the one instance that’s caught isn’t a good experience. Think this is an urban legend? My wife has sent out more than one “cease and desist” letter as part of stopping copyright infringement. And pursued continuing offenders in court.

Short answer: don’t pirate DRM material or at least keep it to yourself.

Short answer, you can’t remove a copyright. In the USA a copyright lasts for about 70 years after the death of the author or artist. good information, Copyright law of the United States. I assume you mean you want to remove the DRM, so you can do other things with the file. In the USA it is illegal to remove DRM but a lot of people do it to backup dvd’s or or cd’s. Also they can convert a dvd to another format, to play on another device. Copyright Law: Making Personal Copies

However if you make a copy and sell or give it away that is breaking the law. Top 5 DRM Removal Programs

Google is your friend.

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