Remove background from video

Hello, I would like to remove the background from a video but I don’t know how to do with shot cut.
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If the background is not a green screen then one way to do it is described in this thread:

Hello, thank you for your answer.
But unfortunately I am a beginner I do not know how to use OBS, except shot cut.

A simple online solution would help me a lot.
If you know of one … since heir I have not stopped tinkering on the net. But you always need more software to download … !!

Otherwise thank you very much for your precious help. to bookmark.
best regards

Have you already created the video? If not, is it a video of you without much movement, e.g. talking at a computer? If so you need to create a “green screen” video of yourself, i.e. the background is completely green, or some other single colour, then when you open it in Shotcut you can use the Chroma Key filter to make the green screen part transparent. See here for how to do that:

To remove an arbitrary background from a video without a green screen background, your only realistic option is to follow the tutorial I pointed to in my original post. Shotcut itself cannot remove such a background.

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