Remove audio noise by cutting low dB


I am new on Shotcut and English is not my native language, I am looking to remove my audio noise in my microphone when I am not talking (so the noise of the computer, of the road, there is no specific frequency…).
I know for my case this sound is always less than -70 dB so I am looking to cut all the noise which is lower than -70dB. I need the silence to become a real silence.

How can I do that with audio filters ?

Try the noise gate filter

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Thanks, do you have any recommanded values for the timings, default are clearly not what I need, 0ms for the 3 parameters work but it also cut too much?

The threshold is the main parameter to focus on. Turn the threshold down as low as it can go while still reducing the noise you want.

For my case I need to change also others values to avoid the noise to stick to the end of each of my sentences or cut the first sounds of my voice. I put theses parameters, these are not perfect but in my specific case it’s an improvement compare to the default value.