Remove associated Markers when shortening clips

Hi, Long time user and admirer of Shotcut (and the development ‘team’ ). Grateful for sorting the memory leaks of bygone days. Amazing facilities now ! My first post as a request for a ‘development of a recent feature’.

Markers are great, and I use lots of them to help navigate back and forth, or re-visit areas for later attention. BUT when you remove anything off the start of a video clip (shorten it from the start of a clip) the Markers retain their original timings along the Timeline, which renders them useless (or worse, erroneous and misleading!). Also applies to shortening the end of a clip when other clips with Markers attached follow the cut.

They are clearly defined in the mlt - would it be possible to adjust their timings according to the length (duration) of the removed part whenver the start (or indeed the end) of a clip is reduced, so they remain correct relative to the video content shown in the Timeline. Obvs the earlier (or later) ones will disappear alongwith the removed part but the rest will still make sense.

Am I missing something ?? I’ve checked previous posts for anything similar, and the reoadmap, but no-one has highlighted this ?? An alternative would be for someone to write some code to alter the values associated with ‘Markers’ within each .mlt file. Of course, that code really belongs within Shotcut :slight_smile: Either way - keep up the very good work ! Ken / UK

Hi @Ken-D,
Do you turn on the ‘Ripple Markers’ button before shortening the clip?
This button made the marker retains its position on the clip. Markers before the cut are removed.

Thanks SergeC looks like I overlooked that button. It no doubt does what I was hoping for, but will check it out. I realise that adding new clips at the start would also throw out the Marker positioning. Hopefuly is all good ! Thanks again !