Remove a black background


I have been trying and trying and trying to remove a background off of some burst overlays i found on youtube.
when i use chroma key, it looks really bad. (example)

you could say to just change the tolerance, yes, i have tried this. but the more tolerance i use, the more of the effect it deletes. which makes sense.

i look at (freeware photoshop type thing) and in the blending options, there is an option called ‘Addictive’ which pretty much removes any black background without even touching any of the other colours.
(i rendered the exact same frame that i used on shotcut and this is how it turned out.)
(had to upload to lightshot because new users can only use one image)

see? so much better. i need to find an option similar to that of which is on but i cant find one for the life of me. is anyone able to help?


EDIT: i did not add any glow to the image. that came with the burst effect.

anyone got any ideas?

15 days and no responses, eh? OK, I’ll bite.
No. No, I don’t have a clue.

  1. What are you trying to do?
  2. What does this have to do with Shotcut - or any other video editor?


what am i trying to do… did you read my post?

I’m not trying to be offensive here but this is a very interactive forum and it is unusual to get no replies. So, either no one gets what you are trying to do and/or no one knows how. Perhaps a Photoshop or gimp forum would be more appropriate. Those guys can do almost “magical” things. The closest idea I can suggest from the video editor world would be to use an editor with a “secondary color corrector” which is what they use in some commercial videos to remove all but one color. That requires two filters, a primary and a secondary color corrector, on a clip. It is for the creation of the effect, not the extraction from an existing clip. I wish you good luck - but you may have to create a new, similar image on your own.


@kenj69 is not completly wrong. Can you post 5 sec of your material and explain what is wrong?

Maybe we could redirect you to an other way to do it.

(I don’t see what the red on the left & multicolor parts are doing here…) -> Basket